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Leading Designers and Manufacturers of Testing Machines, Assembly Line and Special Purpose Equipment since 1973.


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About Us

Autotest was established in 1973 as one of the leading Supplier, Exporter, Service Provider and Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machines, Special Purpose Test Rigs, Assy. Line & Process Equipments and Garage Equipments.

Manufactured using latest technology with quality raw materials, these products adapt varied applications in Electrical, Automobile and Electronic Industries for applications like Speedometer Cables, Dash Board Instruments, Ignition & Light Weight Switches, Cars and Two wheelers, Headlights and others. Our company is supported by a team of highly skilled professionals holding vast knowledge and experience. They execute our high end business operations with complete perfection and dedication. They ensure optimum satisfaction to our clients by maintaining standard quality policy and ethical business practices.

Due to our commitment and passion, we have earned great appreciation all over the world in from of numerous clients. They have provided us an opportunity to serve them so long that has, eventually encourages us to perform the best.

Products Range

Our robust infrastructural facilities allows us to manufacture, supply and export an extensive range of following products:

  • Special Purpose Machines
  • Special Purpose Test Rigs
  • Assy. Line & Process Equipments
  • Garage Equipments
For Over 40 Years Our Services Include:
  • Plant Modernisation
  • Embedded hardware & software solutions for OEM
  • Computerised data acquisition and controls
  • Solution for electronic automation and product development

Infrastructure Facility

We have established a modern infrastructural facility that allows us to develop our Products with cutting edge technology. We take pride in possessing a modern manufacturing unit that is equipped with latest machines & equipment, allowing us to ensure superior quality throughout the manufacturing process. Our manufacturing unit also enable us to offer customized solutions to our clients to suit their requirements. The entire business operations are managed by highly qualified and experienced team of Engineers, Skilled Technician, Draftsmen and other professionals.

List of Machinery

Leakage Test RIG

  • Leakage Test Rig For Silencer, Muffler, Catalytic Converter Etc. (pressure Decay Method)
  • Leakage Test Rig For Radiators.
  • Leakage Test Rig For Any Other Automobile Component
  • Leakage Test Rig For Axle Housing (water Immersion Method)
  • Leakage Test Rig For Cylinder Head Valve Seat (pressure Decay Method.
  • Leakage Test Rig For Cylinder Head Water Gallery
  • Leakage Test Rig For Exhaust Pipe
  • Leakage Test Rig For Fuel Tanks Of Cars, Two Wheelers, Tractors (water Immersion Method)
  • Leakage Test Rig For Plastic Fuel Tank, Oil Tank, Washer Wind Shield Etc. (pressure Decay Method)
  • Leakage Test Rig For Two Wheeler Filter
Shock Absorber
  • Assy. Fixtures etc.
  • Automatic oil dispenser for shocker tubes
  • Automatic tube cutting machine
  • Endurance testing machine
  • Lock ring tightening machine for rly. Shock absorver
  • P.C. based dynamic testing machine
  • Shocker tubes cleaning machine
Car/Two Wheeler Seats And Seat Frame Assy.
  • Hardness test rig for urethane foam
  • Recliner operation durability test rig.
  • Resilience test apparatus
  • Seat cushion assy. Durability test rig
  • Seat cushion assy. Static and dynamic wrinkels test rig.
  • Seat fame assy. Center tensile test rig
  • Seat frame assy. Headrest fatigue test rig
  • Simulated fatigue test rig for driver/assistant seat
  • Test rig for checking deflection set by constant compression
  • Test rig for checking deflection set by repeated compression of urethane fome.
  • Test rig for checking eccentric fatigue and horizontal fatigue of seat frame assy.
Ball Joints And Tie Rod Ends
  • Abrasion resistance test rig
  • Dust cover drag strength test rig
  • Fatigue strength test rig
  • Muddy water durability test rig
  • Pull out/Push out strength test rig
  • Torque test rig

Environmental Test Equipment

  • Dust test chamber
  • Hot & Cold chamber
  • Humidity chamber
  • Salt spray test chamber (Cass method)
  • Salt Spray Test Chamber (Fog method)
  • Vibration testing machine
  • Water spray test chamber

Tyre Mounting Machine

  • Micro processor based automatic tyre inflator
  • Motorcycle tyre mounting machine
  • Scooter tyre mounting machine
  • Tractor front and rear tyre mounting machines

Rubber Components

  • Bonding strength test rig for engine mounts bushes etc
  • Durability test (Related pressure and vibration test) rig for radiator hoses.
  • Fatigue test rig for engine mounts
  • Lip opening pressure test rig for oil seals.
  • Performance test rig for oil seals
  • Pressure/Vacuum test rig for radiator hoses
  • Test rig for checking static load Vs deflection characteristics of engine mounts.
  • Test rig for static/dynamic spring constant of engine mounts
  • Torque test rig for bushes etc

Auto Electrical Part

  • Endurance test rig for all type of ignition and light switches
  • Endurance test rig for combination switches of cars and two wheelers
  • Endurance test rig for electric horns
  • Endurance test rig for flashers
  • Gas leakage test rig for spark plug
  • Lift test rig for automobile lamps
  • Mechanical impact test rig for spark plug
  • Performance and endurance test rig for all types of dash board instruments
  • Performance and endurance test rigs for oil pressure switches
  • Performance test rig for dynamo, starter motor etc.
  • Performance test rig for electric horns
  • Performance test rig for ignition coils
  • Performance, pressure test and endurance test rigs for stoplight switches
  • Photometric integrator for automatic lamps
  • Sparking under pressure test rig for spark plug
  • Torsion test rig automobile lamps
  • Ultimate breaking moment test rig for speedometer cable
  • Wiring harness continuity and short circuiting tst rig

Clutch Disc And Cover Assy.

  • Burst testing machine for clutch facing
  • Clutch release durability test rig
  • Digital load Vs deflection testing machine for clutch springs
  • Endurance testing machine for clutch springs.
  • PC based load Vs deflection test rig for clutch diaphragm springs.
  • PC based machine for checking coeffcient of friction of facing material
  • PC based test for checking torsional characteristic of clutch disc assy.
  • PC based test rig for checking lift height, release stroke Vs release load and release stroke and release stroke Vs lift height characteristic of clutch cover assy.
  • Performance and endurance test rigs for two wheeler centrifugal and disc type clutches.
  • Run-out checking machine for clutch facing
  • Stroking test rig for clutch cover assy.
  • Test rig for checking torsional characteristic of clutch disc assy. (Manual)
  • Torsional endurance testing machine for clutch disc assy.
  • UTM for checking physical properties of clutch facing material

Fuel Tanks

  • PLC controlled fully automatic leakage test rig
  • Pressure cycling test rig for fuel tanks
  • Venting tip angle test rig for fuel tanks
  • Vertical sweep vibration durability testing machine

Rear View Mirrors

  • Angle Checking of glass = 100% testing
  • Assy. Line for mirrors, end of line testing.
  • Bending test rig
  • Dust Test Chamber
  • Electrical Mirrors Endurance Test
  • Electrical test Bench for Mirror Light
  • Endurance Test Rear View Mirror
  • Folding Angle Test
  • Hot-Cold chamber for temperature resistance test
  • Impact test rig
  • Leak Testing Mirror Light
  • Pull force testing machine
  • Salt Spray Test Chamber.
  • Spherometer to determine the radius of curvature
  • Test rig for checking distortion factor
  • Vibration testing machine
  • Water Spray Test Chamber

Automotive Filter

  • Air cleaner test rig
  • Air filter test rig
  • Automatic pleating machine Adhesive dispenser
  • Bubble test rig
  • Burst test rig for filter
  • Differential pressure strength test rig for filter element
  • Drain back oil test rig for oil filters
  • Fuel filter test rig
  • Hot air test rig for air cleaner
  • Hot-Cold chamber for ageing test for filters
  • Leakage test rig for two wheeler air filter
  • Media migration test rig
  • Oil filter test rig
  • Pressure drop test for air filter
  • Pressure impulse test rig for oil filters
  • Salt Spray test chamber
  • Vibration testing machine
Wheels/Rims For Cars, Trucks And Buses
  • Dynamic cornering fatigue test rig
  • Dynamic radial fatigue test rig
  • Impact loading test machine
  • Plunger and Bead Unseating Test Rig
  • Test rig endurance test of disc wheel and demountable rim under dynamic radial road


  • Adhesive dispenser
  • Automatic diesel dispenser
  • Automatic greasing device for bushes, oil seal hearings etc
  • Automatic oil dispenser for filling pre-set quantity of oil in engine, transmission, differential cleaner etc.
  • Automatic radiator water filling equipment
  • Brake oil supply and bleeding equipment
  • Gasoline dispenser

For Tractor Components

  • Hydraulic gear pump test rig
  • Hydraulic lift test rig
  • Lub. Oil pump test rig
  • Roller Tester
  • Transmission test rig


  • Leakage test rig for radiators
  • Temperature and pressure cycling test rig for radiators cap
  • Test rig for thermal performance of radiators
  • Twist test rig for radiators
  • Vibration testing machine

Quality Assurance

Our company has achieved expertise in the sphere of Designing & Manufacturing a wide range of SPMs, Special Purpose Test Rigs, Assembly Line Equipment, Garage Equipment and Special Purpose Machine. We believe that by offering quality product and maintaining the same policy for ever, would provide high level of satisfaction to our clients. We follow latest manufacturing process and use quality raw material that ensure optimum reliability and safety of the products.


Leveraging on our industrial experience, we have been able to offer a wide range of Products. It has earned large number of clients all over the world that includes:

  • A.G. Industries
  • Amalgamations Repco Ltd.
  • AP Clutches
  • Ashok Leyland Ltd.
  • ASK Automotive Pvt. Ltd.
  • Automax
  • Bajaj Auto Ltd.
  • Bharat Gears
  • Clutch Auto Ltd.
  • Eicher Tractors Ltd.
  • Escort Ltd.
  • Hero Cycles Ltd.
  • Hero Motocorp Ltd. (Gurgaon, Haridwar)
  • Hindustan Motors Ltd.
  • Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Imperial Auto Industries
  • Imperial Auto Ltd.
  • Internationl Centre For Automotive Technology (ICAT)
  • Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd.
  • Jay Yushin Ltd.
  • JBM Auto Ltd.
  • JCB India Ltd. (Ballabgarh)
  • Kiran Udyog Pvt. Ltd.
  • LML Ltd.
  • Lumax Automotive Systems Ltd.
  • M & M Auto Industries Ltd.
  • Magneti Marelli Skh India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
  • Majestic Auto Ltd.
  • Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
  • Maxop Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
  • Microtek India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Minda Industries Ltd.
  • Munjal Auto Industries Ltd.
  • Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd.
  • Neel Metals Products Ltd.
  • New Holland Fiat India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Purolator (I) Ltd.
  • Rasandik Engg. Industires Ltd.
  • Rico Auto Industries Ltd.
  • Royal Enfield Ltd.
  • Sandhar Automotive Ltd.
  • Sigma Fredengurg Nok India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sigma Moulds & Stamping Pvt. Ltd.
  • SKH Magneti Marelli Systems Exh. Pvt. Ltd
  • SKH Metals Ltd.
  • SMC Pneumatic (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sona Steering Systems Ltd.
  • Sumi Motherson Innovative Engg. Ltd.
  • Sunbeam Castings
  • Super Seals India Ltd.
  • Tafe International Traktor Ve Tarim Ekipmani Sanayi Ve Ticaret Ltd. (Turkey)
  • Tata Motors Ltd. (Jamshedpur)
  • Thai Summit Neel Auto Pvt. Ltd.
  • The West India Power Equipments (P) Ltd.
  • Timkin Engineering & Research India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tirsam (Algeria)
  • Tractor And Farm Equipment Ltd. (Tafe)
  • TVS Suzuki Ltd.
  • Walker Exhaust (I) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Windors Exports
  • Yamaha Motorcycle

Why Us?

  • Ethical business practices.
  • Experienced workforce
  • Latest manufacturing technology
  • Robust infrastructural facility
  • Timely deliveries of the consignment

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